The earliest real-life room escape, "Origin", was created in Silicon Valley by a group of system programmers in 2006. The mysteries and challenges in the game were inspired by the works of Agatha Christie and became a popular tourist attraction. As early as in 2006, the game also emerged in Hong Kong as group activities for secondary school students organized during joint school camps. In the 2010s, real-life room escape games became more and more popular and over 200,000 participants have played the game in Japan, China, Singapore, and the United States.






In the background of the fast growing of the escaping games in the world, the idea of real-life Xcape was first generated in 2011. After four years of researches and studies, Xcape is finally launched in the Netherlands in 2015, where people needs to use their observation and critical thinking skills and work as a team to escape from the room. In order to escape you need to find the keys, passwords, solve puzzles, riddles and mysteries within an hour.


The design of the puzzles and quizes will not be limited to numerical only, but also requires kinesthetic, linguistic and logical thinking skills. The design also includes some high-tech facilities like laser devices and lighting effects. Three different themes will be available, each of which will consist of multiple rooms. to make the game more intersting and challenging.